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Ohio Pug Rescue

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Where oh where oh where do I begin?! 

Today Philip, Shirley, Frankie, Sweet Pea, and I went to our first Ohio Pug Rescue reunion! Held annually, the reunion attracts over 100 pugs and their loyal servants.  Besides all the pugs, there’s a 50/50 raffle, close to 100 raffle items, concessions, a HUGE bake sale, contests and tons of other shopping all to benefit the rescue!  It was sensory and puggy overload!

Frankie, Sweet Pea, and I arrived at 10:50am.  The sellers were getting set up, and the pugs were starting to arrive.

ImageEveryone couldn’t wait to sniff “Hello!”

ImageExcuse me, sir, can we haz some snasage treats?

ImageThis brood was hanging out under the Origami Owl booth.  They were so well behaved and just content to lay in the shade.

ImageThis little one was really enjoying the warm sun.  Look at that tongue!  It puts Piglet’s tongue to shame!  What a sweet Puggy!ImageOne of the contests was a group costume contest where Frankie and Sweet Pea placed 3rd as the pirate and pirate wench.  The fact that there were only 3 contestants?  Yeah . . . we’re not going to mention that!  The clincher was Philip’s shirt which said, “My pug is a pirate.”  I was thinking that meant the pug only had one eye, but I couldn’t find anything online about it.  We just went with it!ImageImageI can’t complain about the groups that beat us.  Second place went to the Mickey Mouse Club – how could I be mad about that?!  First place went to the Pug-a-saurus group.  Just look at their costumes!  Their momma made those!  It fit their faces perfectly and even had a spot in the back of the tail for their tales to stick into!  After seeing them, we knew they would get first place.  They were just too cute!

ImageImageThere was also an individual costume contest.  All I know is I would hate to be a judge!  How do you choose?!  They are all so cute!  In the end, I don’t remember who got third place, but the little old lady (look at her walker!) got second place.  The big winner was the little black clown.  This little pug was ridiculously cute!  She was as long as she was tall.  She was just a little bit of a thing!

ImageImageThere were several other contests like longest tongue . . .

Image. . . most wrinkles . . .

Image. . . curliest tail, tallest pug, most talented, oldest . . . I think that’s everything.  We were more than happy to take care of this sweet one while his momma and brother participated in curliest tail.  It was all Philip could do not to run off with the sweetness!

ImageBy far, the funniest and cutest thing we saw was this!

ImageMom and dad ordered it off of Amazon.  They are going on vacation soon, and Baby can’t get around as well.  They thought they would order it and try it out at the party.  Baby seems content and happy as can be!  They drew quite the crowd of attention.  How could they not?!  Baby was so stinkin’ cute!  Strapped to daddy’s chest like a human baby, and no one could resist! 

Then there were these two . . .


ImageImage Look at all of those wrinkles and that little sweet girl!  The first two pics are the same pug.  I just LOVE the wrinkles!  They both come from the same home where there are a total of 13 dogs and 2 cats.  (At least I think that was the count!)  We loved on them a lot.  It started when I held their leashes so their mom could fill out her raffle tickets.  It was a terrible job, but someone had to do it!

Check out this little lady!  I think I heard them call her Zsa Zsa which would be fitting.  We love her pearls!

ImageImageLast but not least, I have to share some pictures of Shirley.  She was so excited to go to the reunion and proudly told everyone that would listen (and even those that didn’t) how she was the world’s greatest pug aunt!

ImageLet’s face it, she really is the world’s greatest pug aunt!  She’s done so much for Piglet, Frankie, and Sweet Pea!  She truly loves her nieces and nephew! 


We are hoping that this time next year she’ll not only be the world’s greatest pug aunt but also a pug mommy!  Ever since she was bitten by the pug bug, she’s been wanting a black pug.  While she made over all the pugs, there was one pug that she was particularly drawn to – Puck.  She just loved everything about him.  As we met him and talked to his mom, we learned she was his foster mom and not his mom mom.  Puck is around 8 years old and has some problems/weakness in his legs.  His foster mom was explaining that he’s about to go to another foster home that doesn’t have steps.  Once he’s off his antibiotics, he should be ready for adoption.  The more we learned about him, the more it seemed like divine intervention.  He’s calm, gentle, and lovey.  He has no problems with cats (Shirley has 4). He needs a home with no stairs (Shirley has a nice big ranch).  Oh, did I mention, he seems to be in love with Shirley?  Look at that smile!

ImageTo say Shirley is in love would be an understatement.  Now, to hope and pray that Lee will give her the thumbs up!  If so, she’ll be filling out an adoption application right away!

Well, this puggy momma is just beat.  I think I’m ready to do what the pugs have been doing since we got home – snore!  Good night all and may you dream of smooshy faced, curly tailed little angels!





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