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Almost three weeks ago, I started the Advocare 24 day Challenge.  I had originally purchased the program to do with a coworker (shout out Deanna!) back in January.  Just when we were starting, I got sick.  I made it through the first day, and I had a terrible cough.  As the first 14 days is a cleanse and I had a terrible cough, I decided to wait until I was well.  This decision came late that night as I was laying in the bed coughing my head off while tightly clenching my butt cheeks together to keep from shooting my liver out my backside!  How’s that for a visual?!

Fast forward to May.  Why did I wait so many months?  Have I been sick all that time?  Well, I have been sick on and off from January to May, but the main reason was my mind just wasn’t into it.  That’s the plain and simple truth.

What I like about this program is you’re not as limited in what you can eat.  Some cleanse programs have you drinking just their shakes.  Others have you drinking 2 shakes a day with a really, really low cal dinner.  This program varies slightly from day to day, but you can have real food for every meal!  Breakfast is a fruit, protein, and complex carb.  Lunch is a protein, vegetable, and complex carb.  Dinner is a protein and vegetable with a complex carb if needed.  You also have snacks in between each meal and after dinner.

So what does the program provide?  The program consists of Spark which is an energy drink that you have 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before lunch (if needed).  It is a powder like Crystal Light, and you just add it to water.  It’s pretty tasty!  There is an Herbal Cleanse with consists of a fiber drink (more on this later) and a couple of different cleanse supplements.  There is also supplements specifically designed to support your system and replacement meal drinks if needed.


Now, let’s talk about this fiber drink.  When I first mentioned doing this, I had a couple of friends ask me what I thought of it; and Deanna warned me about it.  Deanna’s advice was to drink it as fast as you could because the longer it sits the thicker it gets.  Yum.


Here’s a shot of it before I did any stirring.  It looked like someone put sawdust in my water glass, and stirring it didn’t improve the view.


I was afraid . . .


. . . and I should have been!  This stuff is nasty with a capital N-A-S-T-Y!  Day 1, I got it down but didn’t like it.  Day 2, I puked up the last gulp.  (Sorry, but I’ve got to be honest)  Day 3, I did some fantastic dry heaving with the last gulp but managed to keep it down.  I was eternally grateful to see days 4, 5, and 6 as you take a break from the sawdust drink!  Then came day 7 . . . ugh . . . how was I going to do this . . . I stood over the sink with my sawdust water quickly congealing in my hand.  I tried to steady my breathing.  I tried to pump myself up.  I tried to psych myself into drinking it – just 5 quick gulps and you’ll be on your way to a cleaner colon!

In the end, I decided, “I eat enough fiber!”  If anyone is interested in trying the fiber drink, I have 4 packets sitting at home that will NEVER be used, and I do mean NEVER!  Actually, never might be too soon!

Until next time, happy dry heaving!


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My husband and I live in Columbus, Ohio with our two furry, four footed babies. I met my husband at college in Nashville, Tennessee where I earned a Bachelor's in Psychology and Learning. After graduation, we moved to Ohio to be closer to my family, and I went to work full time for The Disney Stores before taking a teller position with a local credit union - a credit union I had joined through my dad. I now work for that credit union as Human Resources. Life took a dramatic turn from teaching elementary school to running a Human Resources department. It's been a wild ride, and I can't wait to see what lies around the next bend!

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