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Life is full of sugar moments that make life worth living!

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Pug Day!!!

It’s almost here!!!  The Ohio Pug Rescue reunion is tomorrow!!!  We have been prepping for weeks makings cards to sell and a scrapbooking basket for the raffle!  Everything goes to benefit the puggies!  We have been so blessed by the rescue that it is the least we can do!  I’ll be sure to give a full report!

For now, here are the cards I made.  They are $2/each or 3 for $5.

In this picture, this one isn’t finished.  Finished, it has a small sentiment in the lower left corner that says, “I paws-itively love you!”  I ABSOLUTELY love the embossing folder.  I may not give it back to my friend, Joe!

ImageInside, this one says, “When pugs fly!”  Very tongue n cheek!  ImageI’ve had this ribbon “fur-ever”!  Now it is all gone.  So sad, but it looks so good on these cards!

ImageI have the most amazing friends and co-workers.  When Piglet passed away, we were very touched by the cards, mementos, and donations made in Piglet’s memory.  I used this design for thank you cards.  I loved it so much that I just had to recreate it for the rescue!  The only difference is the button.  I used brads on the original cards, but I’m loving the extra pop of color the buttons bring.

ImageThese turned out so cute that I had to make more!  I’ve had this embossing folder for years, but this is the first time I’ve used it.  I had to use Stazon for the sentiment as the paper was smooth and shiny.  The stamp?  My wonderful friend Joe bought it one year to make a b’day card for me then gave it to me.  While I hope they all sell, I kinda want a few leftovers to send myself!

ImageWhile this one isn’t pug themed, I’m really happy with how it turned out.  It’s simple but elegant. 

ImageThe cards are all individually wrapped and ready to sell, sell, sell!!!

ImageHere’s the basket for the raffle!  It contains a scrapbook with 20 pages, a dog themed scrapbooking kit, letter stickers, 3 dog themed gem sets, brad package, 6 tape runners, glue dots, pop dots, and 2 rolls of dog ribbon which I used to make the bow.

ImageI just love the scrapbook cover!  I used my Cricut to cut out the pug and title.  I think I will have to do this for myself!


We’re so excited for tomorrow, and I can’t wait to share all the fun!  I will take TONS of pictures – I promise!  For now, I’m off to bathe the puggies!


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Heart Touching Surprise

About a year ago, I ordered an Origami Owl necklace.  For those of you not familiar with these, they are living lockets in that the locket piece is clear and you buy charms to go inside it.  It is a pretty cool concept, and I designed my locket to represent the loved ones I have lost.  I have a police badge for my dad, an apple for my aunt who was a school teacher, a red bird for my grandpa (really cool story for another time), and a cross for my grandma.  I also got a plate which goes in the back that says, “Always”.  I wear the necklace so they are always with me.

I have been wanting to get a pink crown to add to my necklace; and when I heard that Shirley (shout out!) was placing an order, I asked her to order a crown for me.  Why a pink crown?  Well, pink was Piglet’s signature color, and she was my little princess! 

Shirley and I met for lunch today, and she surprised me with one of the new Origami Owl bracelets!  Not only did she order the pink crown for me, but she ordered the bracelet with other charms to represent Piglet – a blingy P, 2 pink gems, and 1 white gem.  It is simply beautiful; and yes, it does make me want to cry!  I miss my little girl so much, and I wonder if the pain will ever subside.  People tell me it does, but I hurt as much today as I did 2 months ago. 

ImageStill, looking down at this bracelet while I type, I am reminded of the joy my little princess brought me!  I am reminded of how from day one I felt she needed a pink tutu.  Years later, when I finally found one, she looked more ADORABLE than I could ever have imagined; and she knew it! 

ImageI am reminded of how she would wiggle about in her pink Christmas pjs until her back legs would come out, and she was wearing them like a cape. 

ImageI am reminded of her pink belly which she so gladly exposed for rubbing, but most of all I am reminded of her pink tongue which was always sticking out of her mouth.

Image Image

Thanks to my wonderful friend Shirley for this wonderful gift and reminder of love.  Shirley has done so much for us over the past few months from running me around the city while Frankie was in heart failure to helping me clean up my house in preparation for meeting Sweet Pea.  Love you Shirley!!!

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Pizza Friday Night

I’m a couple days late posting about this week’s pizza, but things have been a bit crazy in the Day house!

I’ll make this short and sweet.  We didn’t want to leave the house, so we found a place nearby that would deliver – Minelli’s Pizza on Wilson Rd.  There are actually 3 Minelli’s (Sulivant Ave., Hilliard Rome Rd., and Wilson Rd.) but the online reviews said Wilson Rd. was the best.

First off, they said it would take about 40 minutes for delivery; and it ended up being just 15 minutes!  First impression – ding, ding, ding!

Second impression?  Yum, yum, yum!  The toppings were good.  The cheese was tasty.  Then there was the crust . . . I’m not sure how to describe it.  It was very different.  It was a thin crust, and it was the edges that were unique.  It’s like they folded it over and crimped it, so the crimped part of the edge was nice and crunchy. 

In the end, 2 out of 2 Days liked Minelli’s Pizza on Wilson Rd.!


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Pizza Friday

Today’s pizza Friday location is Carfagna’s Kitchen!  We have been to Carfagna’s many a time, but we have never had their pizza.  Let me just say, Carfagna’s is THE BEST Italian I have EVER had!  I LOVE this place!  Their sauce is KILLER, and they make all of their pasta fresh – in house.  We have been meaning to try their pizza; and since we had a $20 Groupon, we figured today was the day!

Carfagna’s Neapolitan Style pizza uses fresh dough which they make in house from an old Italian recipe.  Each pizza is made fresh using 100% Whole Milk Mozzarella cheese and Carfagna’s special sauce which is slow simmered.  The sauce?  O . . . M . . . G . . . !  By far, the best pizza sauce we’ve ever had!  Philip was even thinking this was the best pizza we’ve had so far.  I’m still going with last week’s pizza, but I will agree this was very close to the best.

Just a note, we veered from our normal pepperoni with extra cheese and mushrooms on half for this reason.  With me living and eating healthy again, I didn’t want to eat half a pizza; and with Philip hating mushrooms, I knew a fourth of the pizza would go to waste.  Since I was only going to eat a fourth, we decided to get their meat pizza which had pepperoni, Italian sausage, and their special blend of ground beef and pork.  That special blend is what they put in their spaghetti sauce, and it is the BOMB!




Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve already focused on several great loves of my life – Philip, Aunt Duke, Frankie, Piglet, and Sweet Pea; and I thought today would be the perfect day to tell everyone about the one person who has been there from day one – my mom.

Mom and dad met when my mom’s family moved from Big Ugly, West Virginia (yes, my mom is a Big Ugly woman!) to Ferrelsburg (aka Harts), West Virginia.  It wasn’t a big move – just a few miles and over Big Ugly mountain.  When they moved, they moved into the house across the street form my dad and his family.  Now, my dad’s youngest sister, my aunt Faye, was just a little thing and would sneak off to my mom’s.  She would stand on the other side of the fence and watch my mom and her brothers and sister play.  They all thought Faye was so cute and loved to have her over, but my dad always seemed to be the one to come after her.  Rumor has it that he put Faye up to going over just so he could come get her and see my mom.

Mom and dad soon began dating; and when mom’s family moved to Ohio for work, my dad soon followed.


Once my mom graduated high school, they were married and started dreaming about a family.  My mom did get pregnant but miscarried the baby, and they feared they would never have children.  BUT God had other plans, and Amy Michele Lucas was born!

ImageI was breach, and mom had to have me caesarian.  Back then, they put the mother’s out; so my mom was one of the last people to see me.  She may have been the last, but she was also the happiest.

Sadly, when I was in kindergarten, my parents separated.  I won’t get into the details.  All I will say is it wasn’t mom’s choice; and despite the pain she was going through, mom put on a happy face every day just for me.  She never let her pain spill into my life, and she tried to make things as normal as she could.  Divorce is never easy and never good, but I’m proud to say that my parents never put me in the middle.  Neither bad mouthed the other, and they worked together to make things as smooth as possible for me.

Mom’s focus was always on raising me and providing for me.  She raised me to love the Lord and to serve him, and she raised me to be a hard working and kind human being.  From kindergarten until I went away to college, it was just me and mom.  She was my best friend, my mentor, my guide.  She never missed a concert, a play, or any event; and she taught me everything I know.

She taught me how to cook and clean.


She taught me good table manners.


She taught me how to be fashionable.

Imagedress02 dress01

She taught me how to share (even though I didn’t like it).


She taught me how to work hard but have fun while doing it.


She taught me to be kind no matter how different the person.


She taught me good hygiene.

hygene01 hygene02 hygene03

She’s been there through it all.  She’s dried every tear, mended every heartbreak, celebrated every triumph.

smile04family01  scan0056nolte2

While Philip is my best friend, my mom is my longest standing best friend.  She’s my rock.  She’s the kind of Godly woman that I pray I can be.

Mom, I love you more than words could ever say, and I thank God every day for blessing me with you!


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Throwback Thursday!

I overworked myself at the gym tonight, so I’m going to take the easy way out and do a Throwback Thursday blog!

I have always loved animals, especially bunnies.  In fact, I had two bunnies growing up.  Here’s a picture of my first bunny – Thumper.

ImageThumper was so cuddly.  He would lay on my chest while I watched Gilligan’s Island, and he loved eating clovers.  In fact, in this picture, you can see a clover laying at his feet.  Mom and dad made this pin like enclosure, so he could run and jump in the grass.  One day, the stupid neighbor kids decided to get their pit bull and take him for a walk while Thumper was in his pin.  Needless to say, little kids are no match for the strength of a pit bull.  The dog got away and came after Thumper.  When he knocked over the pin, Thumper went running; and he went running after Thumper.  Hot on their heals was my Dad; and when Dad caught the dog in the front yard, it was too late.  The dog had already captured Thumper, and Dad had to punch the dog square in the face to get my bunny from him.  While dad rushed Thumper to the vet, mom whisked me away, bawling my eyes out, to the other neighbor’s house.  Sadly, Thumper didn’t make it.

I realize that little story isn’t very Spoons Full of Sugarish, but it is a part of my history.  Thing is I don’t blame the pit bull, and I feel a little sorry for him getting punched in the face.  He was only going on instinct, and I firmly believe there are no bad dogs (just like there are no bad children).  There are just bad owners (just like there are just bad parents).

After losing Thumper, mom and dad got me another rabbit who I aptly named – Thumper Jr.  Hey, my favorite Disney movie was Bambi, and I loved rabbits.  What else was I supposed to name my bunnies?! 

You’ll be happy to know that Thumper Jr. lived a long life and died naturally of old age.  Unlike Thumper Sr., Thumper Jr. was not cuddly.  If you tried to hold him, he would either pee on you or bite you.  I have the scars to prove it!  Like Thumper Sr., he loved to eat clover and jump around in the grass.  When you would put him in the pin, he would JUMP – throwing his back legs out dramatically!  It was the funniest thing!

Here’s a picture of Thumper Jr. hanging out in his bunny condo that dad made.  It was super nice.  One side had a wooden floor with a hole cut out in the corner for his toilet.  The other side had a wire bottom.  When it was cold, you could close off the wire side; and he could stay nice and warm in the wooden side.  You can also see my dog, Rosie, enjoying the sun shine.  I used to put her up in the cage with Thumper Jr., and Thumper Jr. (not Rosie) would growl!  That might leave you to think, “No wonder he peed on and bit you – you little brat!” but Thumper Jr. was peeing on me and biting me long before Rosie ever came to live with us!

ImageHave a great nice!  Peace out!

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Day 2ish

Technically, it is day 3 of my restarted journey; but I needed to tell everyone about day 2!

Day 2 . . . it sucked.  I don’t know why, but I was in a mood – very irritable.  I definitely wasn’t in the mood to be healthy.  Right off the bat, I wanted to swing through McDonalds for breakfast; but I had my shake.  Lunch came around, and the last thing I wanted was my healthy shrimp, quinoa, and sugar snap peas; but I ate them.  (I wasn’t happy about it, but I ate them.)

ImageWorking through lunch, all I wanted to do was dive face first into the chocolate that was on our communal snack table at work; but I didn’t.  I made it through the day.  I drove home.  I wiggled into my swim suit.  I went to the gym.  I shook my booty in water aerobic (for an hour).  I pumped some iron during 45 minutes of circuit training.  I came home.  The day sucked, but I made it through.  Just me, myself, I, and God!

Jump to today.  I had to get up early to be at Easton by 8 for training which meant no time for morning gym.  (That was ok as I think I needed to let my body rest a day.)  I always enjoy these training sessions.  They are conducted by our attorneys and always very well done.  Being at the Hilton at Easton is always a plus because I SWEAR they have the best bacon, and they put out a tureen of it!  I was already dreading the temptation of that crispy, salty goodness.  My head argued with me, “You could have one piece and just savor it.  That will be ok.”  Not at this point in the game.  At this point, I don’t have the strength for just one piece.  I would have had a plate full along with the wonderful pecan pastries they have with goo like what’s in a pecan pie . . . oooohhhhh.  But . . . I was strong and made my shake.  Now that I’ve got my technique, I do enjoy them; and they are quite filling.

Arriving at the training, I was pleased to find out that they didn’t have bacon this time!  Yeah!  But they did have quiche and beignets.  (It was a French theme.)  Booooo.  I managed to survive that when they brought out the snack . . . chocolate covered strawberries, chocolates, and petit fours.  Laud help me!  I almost ripped a strawberry out the hands of one of my table mates; but instead, I continued to drink my water.

  ImageNow, I’m a firm believer in moderation and not depriving oneself; but at this point, I do not have the strength to have just one strawberry.  I’m pretty sure if I had eaten just one, I would have stormed the beautiful towers of goodies and fended off other participants with butter knives!

I’ll be ok.  I’ll get there.  It will just take some time and sacrifice.